Dig My Rig! January 2011

| December 30, 2010

GP0111_comm_rig1_nr.jpgI play a silver G&L ASAT that I call the “Silver Demon.” At first, I didn’t dig this guitar. I bought it thinking it would sound just like a Fender Telecaster, but it didn’t exactly have that Tele twang. But I grabbed it one night for a rock/blues trio gig, and I was hooked. I discovered that the ASAT offers a very full tonal range—it delivers a lot of low end and high end with less-strident upper mids—which makes it a great-sounding and versatile guitar. I love the tone of the Silver Demon through a Fender tube amp, so I plug it into a 1x12 Fender Concert designed by Paul Rivera in the ’80s. The clean channel is just like the old Fender Concerts—bright and clean with some warmth, as well. My pedals are a Vox wah, an Ibanez Analog Delay and a Tube Screamer, and a Boss Tremolo. To hear my rig, check out my CD, Quit Your Job—Play Guitar. — MARK ROBINSON






















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