Carl Verheyen: CVB Farewell for Two Months

August 17, 2010


As many of you already know, I’ve spent the last eight years working exclusively with the CVB.  I’ve turned down some very lucrative tours and sideman projects in an effort to be true to my own musical vision.  And I’ve been out of town for quite a few high paying recording sessions, preferring to play my own music somewhere else in the world.
It is true that under the banner of “Solo Artist” I’ve taken many outside projects including music production of other artists I admire, master classes all over the world and one-off appearances with a few local bands.  But my main focus has been playing my music on the highest level possible along side musicians with whom I have a deep musical bond.
That said, next Monday I’m taking two months off from the CVB to tour with my old friends in Supertramp.  Although I’ve been a member of the band since 1985, I still feel it’s a rare and exciting time when the machinery gears up for one of these world tours.  The light show, massive stage production, private jet and 50-man crew is so far beyond what I do with my own band that I can’t not do it!
Over the years I’ve learned a lot from Supertramp’s visionary leader Rick Davies and I consider it a privilege to share the stage with one of my musical mentors.  The guys in the band are some of my dear friends (Cliff Hugo played in the CVB for ten years and five CDs) and I truly enjoy the rich catalog of songs.
The tour comes at an important time for the CVB, however. We’ve just signed with a new U.S. tour agent and offers are coming in from all over the world for performances. Rest assured that this is still my main focus with new songs, a live DVD and a new CD in the works for next year. I hope you can wait. —Carl Verheyen


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