Carl Verheyen on Hitting the Road(2)

November 11, 2009

I’m just home from a solo tour in Europe and getting ready to take off again in the U.S. with the Carl Verheyen Band. But there has been no down time between trips and I’m always amazed at the amount of work there is to do before a tour.  Here is a short list of what I’ve had to do in the last few days:

1)   Set up the live rig, test and troubleshoot it for tubes, cables, snakes, fuses, etc. Collect and stow extras in all these areas.

2) String up all the guitars necessary for this tour.

3) Take various pedals and a power supply in for repairs.

4) Advance a few more dates and hotels and answer dozens of emails from promoters and crew.

5) Update the website ( with details for the “On Tour” page.

6) Assemble all merchandise, determine pricing, and order missing pieces of the back catalog.

7) Pickup and load the tour bus.

8) Make sure mailing list goes out to selected regions.

9) Put together a set list.

10) Rehearse the band.

11) Practice!

People who become musicians because they don’t want a desk job are absolutely crazy!  There is an amazing amount of deskwork that comes with a musician’s life.  I believe practicing and rehearsing is the fun part and the reason we got into it in the first place.  But the business part is at least half the work.

At this point I can’t wait to get on the road to unchain myself from this desk. Here is a little video of the band rehearsing in North Hollywood . . . the fun part!


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