Barry Cleveland: The 2012 Montreal Guitar Show Part 2

July 03, 2012

Day two of the Montreal Guitar Show was spent mostly in the large "acoustic" hall, though many electric and semi-electric archtops and other guitars were on display there in addition to the incredible acoustic instruments.
As noted in my previous blog, the Montreal Guitar Show is one of the premier events of it's kind in the world, with well over 100 of the greatest luthiers from around the globe being invited to display their works, and lots of fantastic guitarists performing mini-concerts all day long, and full concerts in the evening. There are also lectures and workshops held by key people from throughout the world of guitars.
Luthier extraordinaire Linda Manzer relaxing with her diminutive 6-string.
Meredith Coloma studied guitar building with Roger Sadowsky and Michael Dunn. Note the Manouche mandolin.
I posted four batches of photos on the Guitar Player Facebook page:
Batch 2
Batch 1
Stay tuned for more ...


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