Blog You Like a Hurricane: Be Careful What You Wish For

| July 16, 2010

 They say that energy follows thought, and I believe that to be true. If you’ve been following this blog, you know that I’ve been riffing on the “Rock You Like a Hurricane” theme pretty hard because if a joke’s funny once, it’s really funny the fifth or sixth time around. Well, when I got into Miami late last night, I was greeted by thunder, lightning, heavy rain, and heavier winds (of change, presumably). It’s not accurate to call it a hurricane, obviously, and, by Miami standards, it’s really no big deal. But as the cab driver swerved to avoid a good sized tree that crashed onto the road, I kind of wished I had chosen a different Scorpions tune to play off of (Blackett’s Blackout? Associate Editors Running Wild?). I also asked myself, “Isn’t Friday’s gig outdoors?”

Now it’s midday Friday and I’ve just come from a meal with the Scorpions’ tour manager. To protect his anonymity, I will call him Mr. TCB because the dude takes care of more business before 8am than I do all week. Mr. TCB had been up since 6:00 dealing with the logistics of putting on a big outdoor rock show in a torrential downpour. So far it’s all a contingency plan—there’s no rain and only light winds at the moment and he’s never had to cancel a Scorpions show, because of weather or anything else. “The venue says they’re considering this a rain or shine show,” he says. “But I told them that they don’t have a rain or shine stage. Once the winds get up past 20 mph, the rain goes sideways. Rudolf and Matthias are wireless, and Klaus has a wireless mic, so it’s not a grounding issue, but it’s still not safe. If someone gets hurt or equipment gets damaged, that will impact lots of gigs on this tour. And Rudy and Matthias have really elaborate rigs. If those get damaged, it’s not like we can rent two Twin Reverbs and get through the rest of the tour. I need to be thinking about all of this stuff, even though most likely everything will be fine.”

As we’re talking, Rudolf Schenker walks over to our table. Looking every bit the lean, mean rock star that he is, he’s decked out in a bitchin’ leather jacket and is rocking a belt buckle with the “S” logo from the band’s latest record, Sting in the Tail. I couldn’t help but think that if this guy can make a belt buckle with a rock band on it cool again, he can do anything. We briefly talked over how the interviews and video might happen and he was off to do more press.
Right now it’s 1:30 Miami time and although the sky is somewhat cloudy, there’s no rain and minimal wind. Keeping my fingers crossed…

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