Barry Cleveland: A Few NAMM 2012 Personal Faves

| January 22, 2012

There is so much great new gear at the show this year that it is difficult to choose favorites, but here is a tiny sampling of pedals that caught my ear:

Jam Pedals
Where to begin? These pedals are handmade in Greece and they look and sound fantastic. Jam makes everything from quasi-clones of '60s and '70s classics to entirely original designs such as the Big Chill "super tremolo" and custom multi-effect combos in far out casings. The paint jobs alone are worth the price of entry. I'll be shooting video at the Jam Pedal booth later today.


The SwirlPool was built by legendary amp designer James Brown, and is his first non-distortion-type effect. It combines synchronized analog tremolo and vibrato circuits that can run at two different speeds, and you can ramp up and down for Leslie-like effects.

William Mathewson makes really interesting, creative, and deep pedals, including three Geiger Counter models. The Geiger Counter is a hi-tech distortion and bit crushing device that produces literally hundreds of sounds.

The 3D-Shaman Chorus is a BBD analog pedal with three outputs and fancy technology that produces a three-dimensional effect, like seeing a 3-D movie with your ears. Rivera was also showing a studio quality compressor called the Sustain Shaman.

G Lab
The DR-3 Dual Reverb and SD-1 Smooth Delay pedals sound fantastic and are packed with very cool, and in some cases unique, features.

EarthQuaker Devices
Jamie Stillman showed the Rainbow Machine and Organizer pedals. The first is a way-wild harmony generator and sound mangler and the second makes your guitar sound like a cheesy '60s Farfisa organ. Cool!

Other non-pedal things I liked included the Two-Rock EXO15 amp, the Bad Cat Bobcat 100 combo, the Carvin HH2 Allan Holdsworth guitar, the Fishman Triple Play wireless guitar controller, and the Ampeg Heritage R-12R Reverberocket amp, the DigiTech iStomp virtual stompbox (well, this is a type of pedal), the Radial Firefly Tube DI, and the Mackie DL1608 iPad mixer.

Go here for photos:



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