Barry Cleveland: Great New Tony Levin/David Torn/Alan White Album (w/Audio Samples)

September 21, 2011

I've been a longtime fan of all three of these guys, so when David Torn told me about the album they were doing together, I was eager to hear it.
Well, now that I have heard it I'm really digging the music, and I'm eager to interview David regarding the details—especially how he got all of his extraordinary guitar sounds.
To learn more, watch a cool video, and see some photos from the sessions click here.
 To purchase a CD (the first 1000 will be signed by all three artists) click here.
And here are some audio samples:
LEVIN TORN WHITE Audio Snippet by Lazy Bones Recordings White Noise by Lazy Bones Recordings Prom Night of the Centipedes by Lazy Bones Recordings Ultra Mullett by Lazy Bones Recordings Convergence by Lazy Bones Recordings The Hood Fell by Lazy Bones Recordings Cheese It, The Corpse by Lazy Bones Recordings


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