Barry Cleveland: Great Luthiers at the 2011 Montreal Guitar Show

July 03, 2011

The 2011 Montreal Guitar Show is a wrap and boy what a show!

Ninety acoustic and 34 electric luthiers displayed their latest creations at the 2011 Montreal Guitar Show, along with purveyors of accessories, tone woods, etc. There were also workshops, lectures, scores of mini-concerts, and Guitarissimo concerts featuring artists such as Erik Mongrain, Kaki King, the California Guitar Trio, Laurence Juber, Kurt Rosenwinkle, Eric Bibb, and Freddy Koella.

I spoke with dozens of luthiers doing very original work; Here is a small sampling (click on the text):

Ken Parker details his super-innovative new Stella archtop jazz guitar that weighs practically nothing but sounds huge.

Linda Manzer brought for guitars to the show, including her Pat Metheny Signature model and the Pikasso Archtop with 42 strings.

Bill Asher talked about his unique lap-steel guitars, including his Weissenborn-style instruments and the Ben Harper Signature Model.

Claudio Pagelli displayed his ultra-hip four-in-one modular guitar that can be an acoustic, a resonator, an electric, or a banjo-style guitar, depending on which module you plug in.

In addition to speaking with luthiers, I shot video interviews with cutting-edge jazz guitarists Eivind Aarset and Kurt Rosenwinkle, and video of the Montreal Guitar Trio and acoustic guitarist extraordinaire Erik Mongrain performing live.

Look for more videos and a photo essay on soon, as well as a Riffs story on the festival in the upcoming issue of Guitar Player.

Now I'm off to see Kurt Rosenwinkel perform a solo set at the Cinquieme Salle ...


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