Kenny Lee Lewis: A Memorable Story

| December 2, 2009

In April 1993, I rejoined the Steve Miller Band after a six-year hiatus raising my first daughter with my lovely wife Dianne Steinberg. My return gig was with TSMB opening for Paul McCartney on Earthday at The Hollywood Bowl, along with several other huge acts. When we were through with our "unplugged" set on stools, Sir Paul asked us all to come up and join him for his closing number, "Hey Jude". I had just met Paul backstage and my wife had played the role of "Lucy" in the Robert Stigwood movie production of Sgt. Peppers Lonely Hearts Club Band years earlier, so Paul knew her. Steve Miller and Paul have been friends for years and it was such a treat having Steve introduce me to him so casually. As Diane and I were sneaking a peek of Paul's show from the stage left wings, he ended a song and looked over at Dianne and I just standing there. Then he said on mic, "Dianne, Kenny, won't you come out and help me start my closing song?" I just about soiled me trousers! As we were walking out towards him, he then calls out for Ringo to come join him from the other side! So now it's Paul, Ringo, me, and Dianne all standing around the mic as Paul starts the song. By then every star who had been waiting all night to come out and sing with Paul began filing out on to the stage. Then CNN takes the video shot for the late night news. I actually got a copy from them for our kids. It frames Paul McCartney, Ringo Starr, my wife,  and me all singing "Hey Jude" together. George was still alive at the time but was not present. So for one brief moment in time, my wife and I were singing with the Beatles on international television. Sweet!

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