Guest Editorial: Miguel Reategui

March 03, 2011

gp0311_comm_guest_nr.epsSO, WHAT’S THE DEAL WITH MUSIC-STORE virtuosos? Is there no way we can avoid visiting our favorite store without having to endure some guy playing endless riffs, licks, phrases— all at higher-than-normal volumes—while “trying out” some guitars?

I’m not sure about you guys, but when I test a guitar, I play the low E, let it ring, and then go string-by-string—you know, “feeling it.” Then, I try a few open chords, and if the guitar sings, I proceed to test each fret and string combination for dead spots, buzzes, and so on. However, there is no way I can really perform my tests while the guy next to me is showcasing his “Hey, I’m Actually a Really Good Player and I’m Sure You Love Listening to Everything I Play” chops. Fellow guitar players— let’s stop this nasty practice. Okay?



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