| December 6, 2010

gp1210_comm_Gig1_nrBack in the ’80s, my top-40 cover band was hired to play for a high school reunion at a big hotel on the San Francisco peninsula. We loaded out from the studio, drove to the gig, unloaded the gear, and set up. All was well until I reached into my gig bag to get my slide and picks. Then, it happened. A sudden, excruciating pain shot up my left hand and arm. Apparently, my gig bag had been crushed during transit, and my glass slide had shattered. When I reached into the bag, a single glass shard punctured the tip of my middle finger. Living by the creed “The show must go on,” I was able to secure some bandages from the hotel staff, and I proceeded to limp through the show by stopping every 20 minutes to wipe the blood off my neck and strings, and change the bandages. Needless to say, I’ve used steel slides since then!—DANNY CARR

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