Fluxtone Speakers

October 01, 2009

 I met with Steve Cary yesterday from Fluxtone Speakers who stopped by the office to show us his variable efficiency speaker, which has an adjustable electro-magnetic magnet structure that basically allows you to use the speaker itself as a master volume for your amp. Fluxtone makes lots of different kinds of speakers, but the Model 3 I heard was based on the cone and spider assembly of a Celestion Vintage 30. It was housed in a small tweed-covered cabinet about the size of a Fender Deluxe, which also contained some AC-powered circuitry with a volume control for adjusting the strength of the  electro-magnet on the back of the speaker. We hooked it up to a Dr. Z Remedy head, turned up the volume, and then adjusted the overall level using the volume control on the Fluxtone speaker cabinet. The results were pretty impressive. The Remedy is a loud 40-watt amp with no master volume, yet I was able to set the volume pretty much wherever I wanted it simply by varying the efficiency of the Fluxtone's speaker. We're going to be doing more testing with the Fluxtone Model 3 for an upcoming review,  so stay tuned for more details on this exciting new speaker. —Art Thompson

 For more information on Fluxtone speakers visit  http://fluxtone-speakers.com/ 


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