EDITOR BOY at NAMM—Thursday, January 14

| January 15, 2010

The crew is here! Art Thompson, Barry Cleveland, and Matt Blackett arrived today, and it's meetings, meetings, meetings. First up on my schedule are Loud Technologies, Muse, Peavey, PRS, Blackstar, Presonus, VHT, and Fender. So far, the big thrill is meeting Stooges guitarist James Williamson at the Blackstar booth. I'm a Stooges fan, for sure, but the album James did with Iggy Pop entitled KILL CITY was one of those records that I wore the grooves out by playing it constantly. Oddly, I had never spoken to him before. He's a smart player who knows a lot about tone, and he was very cool about sharing tidbits about the KILL CITY sessions. He also told me that, coincidentally, he is remixing KILL CITY for a re-release. "You can always improve the sound," he said, "but little things like the cymbals being too upfront and sizzle-y on the original version have bugged me for a long time. It will be good to get in there and fix that stuff." He gave me one of his picks, too. It's imprinted: "Shortest Distance Between Two Chords."

Jeff Beck was rumored to appear at the Fender reception at 5:00 pm, but I didn't see him. Then, I left for a strategy dinner at Morton's with Line 6, which is looking toward the future of live sound. A lively discussion ensued about coverage options and user needs, but, quite frankly, they give you sooooo much food at Morton's that it was difficult staving off those annoying "food comas." One can only hope that I said at least two or three intelligent things.

Friday will be another big show day, so if you want me to post any specific gear photos or news, tell me know by posting a comment on the GUITAR PLAYER Facebook page, or by e-mailing me directly at

Signing off for now...

Michael Molenda

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