Now Hear This: Haunted by Heroes

June 4, 2013

 dueling les Pauls—lazerus (left) and rutledge.
Few bands can claim they got together in day care at just three years old, or that they went pro at age nine, but that’s precisely the story behind Haunted By Heroes. Now barely into their teenage years, HXH recently released its self-titled debut album [Alfadakidz Entertainment] by first issuing a series of singles.

“When we were eight years old, people used to laugh because we were pretty small,” says rhythm guitarist Charley Rutledge. “But when we started to play, they’d just stand there looking confused.”

The confusion was likely due to the huge roar unleashed by players who seemed a couple of decades shy of being able to make such a racket. The band was also super tight and well versed in the licks, sounds, and repertoire of classic rock.

“Eddie Van Halen, Angus Young, Vivian Campbell, and Randy Rhoads are my heroes,” says lead guitarist Max Lazerus, who signed on a year ago to replace the band’s original soloist. “I’m a pretty fast player, but playing Ronnie Montrose songs showed me a different style, and slowed me down once in while. He inspired me to be more tasteful.”

While guitar rock hardly thrills tons of young fans these days, the Haunted By Heroes crew sees mounting interest amongst their peers.

“A lot of kids tell us we’ve inspired them to listen to rock, and even to start rock bands,” says Lazerus. “I think the world needs more rock and roll.”

“And we definitely need kids to stop listening to the boy bands that aren’t really playing,” adds Rutledge.

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