Henry Kaiser, A Little Stroke of Light (with audio)

May 4, 2011

henry_kaiser This 70 minute-long piece of music resulted from what was supposed to be ten minutes of entirely unplanned improvisation. Playing a Trans-Trem-equipped Kline guitar with Alembic pickups into an Old World Audio 1960 compressor, a Tech 21 Comptotion fuzz, a Nuenbar Wet reverb pedal, a Lexicon MPX-G2, and Eventide Eclipse multi-effects processor and a Lexicon PCM-42 digital delay (looping and delaying while modulating the clock time with a square wave to create pitch shifts), Kaiser weaves an intriguing web of sound and somehow manages to keep things coherent and interesting for the duration. The music begins with a meditative ambiance and an almost acoustic feel, at times sounding koto-like with hints of Eastern tonality (possibly derived from his collaborations with Korean virtuoso komungo player Jin Hi Kim). About 15 minutes in, Kaiser overlays some beautiful reversed-delay work, followed by the introduction of somewhat Fripp-like sustained melodic lines. Then, things get tranquil once more, before fresh layers of distortion are added. Eventually, the intensity again diminishes, and throughout the remaining minutes Kaiser gets a little bluesy before subtly re-evoking the Eastern feel and fading out. This is a lovely recording from an artist who often delights in less-than-lovely sounds, and arguably one of his best. Hats off to Henry and the improvisational muse. Self-released.

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Henry Kaiser: "A Little Stroke of Light" by Guitar Player Magazine
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