GP Editors Favourite Recordings By Les Paul - “Dance Of The Kordies”

December 1, 2009
0.0gp1209_Dept_Rants_Dance“DANCE OF THE KORDIES”
Les Paul Trio, 1947
Wearing his jazz tux in this cut from a 1947 radio performance, Les covers a lot of musical ground in just one minute and forty-seven seconds. (Just think about whether, say, Yes, could cram the four sides of Tales from Topographic Oceans onto a 45rpm single. Crazy!) Although the master was very outspoken about not sounding like anyone else, his immense love and respect for Django Reinhardt looms large here. But the track also showcases much of the thrilling elements that informed Les Paul the guitarist and entertainer—his supersonic licks (check out his duets with the piano), the cascading melodies, the signature “zippy” pull-offs, the bass-note punctuations, and his irrepressible sense of humor (check out those playful pings at 1:00). No studio magic here—just immense talent, astonishing technique, and a wink or two.
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