Exclusive Soundtrack Premiere! Mike McCready's "Tree Fractal"

August 13, 2017
   Pearl Jam guitarist Mike McCready is debuting "Tree Fractal," the first track from his original score for the film, The Glamour & The Squalor TODAY exclusively for the Guitar Player community.
   The Glamour & The Squalor tells the story of radio deejay Marco Collins, whose passionate support for indie bands on Seattle's alt-rock station 107.7 "The End" helped bring Nirvana, Pearl Jam, Garbage, Weezer, and others to international renown throughout the early and mid 1990s.
   The film's score will be released on September 1, 2017 by Lakeshore Records, and, in addition to the songs composed and recorded by McCready, Lakeshore will also release a companion "various artist" soundtrack containing rare live-on-the-radio performances by No Doubt, Mudhoney, Sebadoh, Bush, Presidents of the USA, Super Deluxe, and others who visited the 107.7 studios back in the day. Soundtrack release date TBD."
   To craft the moods for the soundtrack, McCready used not only his guitars, but also a Mellotron, autoharp, strings, and other instruments.
   “The score for The Glamour & The Squalor is dedicated to [my wife] Ashley, who helps me with my musical vision, and who is my muse," says McCready,  "and to my kids who inspire me daily. Thanks to Marco for allowing me to help his story, and to the entire cast and crew of The Glamour and The Squalor film. This is also in remembrance of all the musicians from Seattle who aren’t here anymore, but their music remains.”
   The Glamour & The Squalor (Original Motion Picture Score) Track List
   01. Darkness – Mike McCready
   02. Lightness – Mike McCready
   03. Young-ish – Mike McCready
   04. Grandmother Earth – Mike McCready
   05. Windless – Mike McCready
   06. Tried & True – Mike McCready
   07. Northern / Falling Apart – Mike McCready
   08. Southern / Coming Together – Mike McCready
   09. Sean Mac On A Horse On A Boat – Mike McCready, Troy Nelson & MacKenzie Mercer
   10. Meridian Suns – Mike McCready
   11. You're the Song – Mike McCready, Kim Virant
   12. Love Wins – Mike McCready
   13. Tree Fractal – Mike McCready
   14. Safe Room – Mike McCready
   15. Altered – Mike McCready
   16. Outside – Mike McCready
   17. A Revolution of the Heart – Mike McCready
   18. Social Distraction – Mike McCready
   19. Shrine Watcher – Mike McCready
   20. Spaced Out – Mike McCready
   21. Whole Level – Mike McCready
   22. Moonlight Thieves – Mike McCready
   23. Aspiring – Mike McCready
   24. Descending – Mike McCready, MacKenzie Mercer
   25. Tree Fractal (Reprise) – Mike McCready
   26. Trying & Truer – Mike McCready
   27. Connection – Mike McCready
   28. Sky Accepted – Mike McCready
   29. Don't Let Go, Hold On – Mike McCready, Star Anna
   30. Love Wins Again – Mike McCready
   31. Radio Sign Off – Jeffrey Dorfman
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