European Musical Imports Now Distributing Crazy Tube Circuits Pedals

October 5, 2009

European Musical Imports is proud to announce its recent appointment as exclusive North American distributor for the Crazy Tube Circuits line of guitar effects pedals. Widely available in Europe for some time now, CTC prides itself on producing unique circuits (not clones or variations of yesteryear’s pedals), which are carefully tweaked for use by today’s discerning guitarists. Designed and manufactured in Greece, the line currently consists of:


ZiggyAllows the player access to two highly revered mid-sixties British amp tones. In addition, the Ziggy’s unique circuitry tracks pick attack, allowing guitarists to control response from their pick attack alone.


StarlightA discrete jfet/mofset clipping design coupled with distinctive tonal shaping, the Starlight easily produces great sounding 60’s/70’s fuzz tones while generating lots of harmonic overtones and endless sustain. All this with a remarkably “mud-free” tone.


Vyagra BoostThis high headroom clean boost circuit (based on a mofset quad op-amp from TI) is ideal for boosting volume and/or shaping tonal characteristics for solos.  The VB is also an outstanding choice for acoustic instruments as a buffer/preamp due to its outstanding transparency and full frequency response.

TimeThis exceptional delay unit’s sound is warm and pure with harmonics like a vintage tube driven tape echo. Using separate analog and digital paths, the analog signal path runs parallel to a digital recording device that yields the most transparent pedal echo unit you have ever heard.  A “Mood” knob controls the frequency response of cascading repeats from almost flat to dark, just like an old tape delay.

Black MagicUtilizing discrete hand selected jfet cascaded gain stages, this pedal is an incredibly articulate overdrive unit that is capable of tube-like high gain distortion and even fuzz at it’s more extreme settings. The signal is amplified first and then clipped many times before it hits a power amp emulation circuit. A mini toggle switch activates a post gain upper-mid boost while a post distortion 3 band passive EQ and presence control help match the pedal to any amplifier.

All Crazy Tube Circuits pedals are built by hand on high quality pcbs one at a time. Wima/Panasonic capacitors, precision metal film resistors, Alpha pots, Neutrik/Cliff jacks, high quality 3PDT switches, hand selected transistors and high quality Burr Brown / Texas Instruments op-amps as well as a five year warranty are features that set them apart.


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