Clapton Salutes JJ Cale with "Call Me the Breeze" Video -edited by QA

June 27, 2014
Eric Clapton just released the video for "Call Me the Breeze"—the single from his forthcoming album, The Breeze: An Appreciation of JJ Cale.
The classy tribute to his self-confessed musical hero features Albert Lee on guitar.
“I would like people to tap into what JJ Cale did,” says Clapton, who made hits with his own versions of Cale songs such as “After Midnight” and “Cocaine.” “That’s the point. I’m just the messenger. I’ve always felt that that’s my job. I try to interpret things so that the public at large, or at least the people who listen to what I do, will become intrigued about where I got it from."

Cale passed away on July 26, 2013.
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