The former guitarist for the Band reveals its history in this new video from Fender about its limited-edition Last Waltz Stratocaster.


Darrell Braun goes low budget in this latest guitar shoot-out video.


Learn a few things about the model’s origins, different versions, design problems and more.


Designed to capture the iconic tones of 1950’s era guitars, they have become modern classics in their own right.

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Any top amp tech, thoughtful manufacturer, or clued-in player will tell you that your speakers are responsible for an enormous chunk of your tone. Despite this fact, the speaker is often the last thing a player considers in any quest to overhaul an unsatisfactory sound. Replacing a stock speaker with a different type can instantly alter your amp’s sound more than any other single change, and it can be the simplest, quickest, and potentially cheapest means of converting a mediocre combo into a raging tone machine.

Just getting started? Revisiting the fundamentals? We've collected the lessons and content you need to brush up on the basics.

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