Rivera Introduces the Jazz Suprema 25 Amplifier

January 14, 2014
Rivera has  become a major player in the the jazz amp world with the introduction of the Jazz Suprema 25 combo. In the past, many archtop players had to settle on solid-state amps for their portability and clean sound.  However, with the release of this new all-tube 25-watt 1x10 combo, players can take advantage of a tube power section that gives the added clarity and warmth to complement an archtop's “woody" tone and give added clarity to flatwound strings.

•    Features analog Accutronics 3-spring reverb
•    Three preamp tubes
•    Powered by a pair of 6V6s
•    Voiced to NOT break up early unlike most traditional tube amps.
•    Made in Burbank, CA
•    10"-deep cabinet gives big bottom and maximizes projection

The Jazz Suprema 25 streets at $1,399.00
 For more information visit rivera.com
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