PRS Guitars’ 59/09 and 53/10 Pickups Now Available

July 23, 2012
PRS’ vintage-inspired 59/09 and 53/10 pickups are now available for purchase for the first time through the PRS accessories store and authorized PRS dealers. Introduced in 2009 and 2010 respectively, these proprietary pickups, along with the coveted PRS 57/08 pickups, were designed by Paul Reed Smith to capture the iconic tones of legendary 1950’s era guitars. Made with vintage-style wire and wound in-house in PRS’ Electronics department, these pickups are modern classics. If you are looking to refine the voice of your guitar, check out these pickups today!

59/09 Treble and Bass Pickup Specifications:
First introduced in 2009, PRS 59/09 pickups are articulate while providing rich harmonic overtones. With a powerful bridge pickup and a touch of brightness in the neck, these pickups are the perfect tool to achieve clarity and definition with a punch.

Covered (etched )
Magnet: Alnico
DC Res: 9.3k treble, 8.4k bass
Compatible with: 5-way blade or 5-way rotary pickup switch
53/10 Treble and Bass Pickups Specifications:
Inspired by the tone of single-coil guitars from the 50’s, 53/10’s are the warmest-sounding in the PRS vintage-themed family of pickups, which also includes 57/08’s and 59/09’s. These humbucking pickups, first introduced in 2010, have a unique tone with a sweet high end and warm, smooth bass.
Covered (etched)
Magnet: Alnico
DC Res: 8.98k treble, 8.42k bass
Compatible with: 3-way toggle with push/pull tone pot
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