Get the Tone & Feel Your '60s Heroes Had with Dunlop Herco '66 Picks

March 3, 2015
The Herco nylon pick was the top choice of guitar players when guitar-driven music began its meteoric rise in the mid-1960s. Dunlop is bringing back that pick’s classic tone and feel with the Herco Vintage '66 Series.
After rediscovering their collection of original Herco molds and picks from the 1960s, they carefully analyzed every minute detail, from the shape of the tip to the composition of the nylon itself. This enabled them to create the Vintage ’66 Series to such exacting specification that even their pick experts were at a loss to tell them apart from the originals.
Herco Vintage ’66 Nylon Picks are available in classic Bold Gold (Light) and Hi-Yo Silver (heavy) as well as Extra Light White.

Watch The Cult's Billy Duffy talk about his discovery of Herco picks:
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