Dunlop Introduces Jazz III and Small Tri Primetone Sculpted Plectra

February 25, 2015
Last year, Dunlop released its Primetone Sculpted Plectra, premium picks with sculpted, hand-burnished edges, and received wide acclaim from guitarists across genres and playing styles.
By popular demand, Dunlop is expanding the line of Standard, Triangle and Semi-Round shapes with two new shapes and an additional 1.5 Semi-Round gauge.
The two new shapes are the Jazz III, famous for its speed, precision and articulation, and the Small Tri—available in three gauges—which provides additional playing comfort and control.
Dunlop’s new Primetone Sculpted Plectra will glide off your strings and bring out the true voice and clarity of your instrument. With hand-burnished sculpted edges, these picks allow for fast, articulate runs and effortless strumming.
Primtetone Sculpted Plectra are made from Ultex for maximum durability and superior tonal definition. They're available in a variety of shapes and gauges, each with a low-profile grip or a smooth traditional surface.
Features include:
• Hand-burnished sculpted edges 
• Made from Ultex for durability and a bright, clear sound 
• Now available in five different shapes, including new shapes Jazz III and Small Tri with a low-profile grip or a smooth traditional surface 
• Semi-Round now available in 1.5mm gauge 
LIST PRICE: Player's Pack, three picks each, $8.42
For more information, visit Jim Dunlop.
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